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If you missed the before pics head here. (And head here for the during pics.)

Seeing the end result was incredible considering what the place looked like originally. It is now more modern yet classic, with a load more storage space, and overall a better use of space.

Big hugs and lots of kisses to Mr Man who first suggested getting rid of the kitchen nook and opening up the space. From this suggestion the rest of the kitchen took shape quickly and allowed a lot more cupboard space (you know, for all my baking stuff!!).

As I mentioned before, I knew I wanted a neutral colour scheme throughout the space, but the end colour scheme began with the colour of the kitchen cupboards. The kitchen was the first contractor I had met with and I am really so glad I did as I couldn’t comprehend my kitchen cupboards in any other colour. 🙂

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

The bathroom feels so spacious and open now! Gone is the double cupboard. Gone is the teeny tiny shower which would suit a hobbit. Gone is the plastic sink and old-fashioned bath. Hello new and sexy! I decided to use the same mosaic detail in the kitchen and bathroom to keep things simple and create a flow to the space. The same tiles throughout the space helped with this too.


The paint colour did wonders to change the look and feel in the whole place, but especially the living areas. The colour is a very light grey that it could almost be called white. And the tiles were the perfect choice as they have texture but are also dappled in colour so they don’t show dirt as easily as a straight/one-coloured tile. Those nasty carpets were ripped off the stairs which were then sanded and sealed the same dark colour as the beams. I changed every light fitting in the house as the lighting was horrible and old.

dining to lounge

lounge to dining

The unpacking process is a bitch! But I’m getting there… The cupboard I had built in the upstairs little room is a life-saver for clean towels and linen, for Christmas decorations, and for all my wrapping stuff! Soon I will have a small desk in there for when I need to work late, or wrap gifts. (I’ll be using a piece of the old kitchen nook counter so there’ll be no need for extra costs besides the brackets, legs, etc.) The lounge and dining room are pretty much sorted, I just need to figure out what artwork/pictures to put up on the walls. The spare room is still the room where everything gets shoved to deal with another day. But that’s okay… These things take time of course!


  1. It looks stunning! Hope you enjoy many, many happy days in your new home!

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  2. Can I just say, holy crap!
    That kitchen!
    It’s amazing!

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