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In a previous post I mentioned how overwhelmed I was on my first day at my new job. Well I have officially been working at my new job for 7 days. And boy has it been a busy, crazy, hectic 7 days! I feel like I have been doing a ton of work but not getting anything productive done. The days fly past which is a great thing! But it doesn’t help that I’m so busy I don’t know that lunchtime has come and gone, that I don’t have time for a quick trip to the loo, or even a minute to make myself a cup of tea. As a pat on the back though, my boss said the other day that I have achieved more in the time that I’ve been here, than has been accomplished in the last five years. Quite a compliment if I do say so myself!

So what have I been doing…
1. I have put an orders system in place. This means that anything we need from suppliers (serviettes, flowers, printer cartridges or the help from a handyman, etc) requires a quote from that supplier so an order can be drawn up. This is then sent to the supplier confirming the job or order and is a guarantee of payment. Basically…
2. I have folder-ed and filed a lot of the documents in the My Documents folder on the computer I’m working on at the moment. It has been really tough trying to get this sorted and finalised as I’m trying to figure out what is necessary to keep (in terms of templates etc) and what can be tossed.
3. I am trying to sift through the gajillions of emails putting them in certain event folders etc. I still have +-1500 to go in the inbox alone!
4. I have had to implement a proper petty cash system.
5. I have started a database of previous clients so that we can eliminate quite a few shelves of files.

All of this while head-deep in event management! I am phoning to setup or confirm meetings, putting together concepts and cost estimates, organising my boss’ diary for meetings and trips etc, and replying to emails.

There has been a mountain-load of things to do and a lot of things that still need to be done, but I’m enjoying the challenge!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Jess you are quite amazing! That’s a ludicrous amount of work – and look how well you are doing 🙂 One times large pat on back and squidge included here!!

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  2. Happy to hear that you are so happy with your new job and it’s always nice when time flies by rather than sitting and doing nothing.

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  3. What a lovely compliment you received and only after 7 days – you go girl!

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  4. It sounds really great! 🙂 There’s nothing better than going home at the end of the day knwoing you worked your butt off!

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