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…my nephew made his grand entrance! He seemed to wait long enough for my mom to arrive and for us all to have dinner before saying “Hey! Just remember that I’m here too!”

I had left work early as my mom was set to touch-down at 4pm from Abu Dhabi. She eventually hobbled out into the arrivals hall (she’s broken her foot) and we bundled her into the car while Gary heaved her bags into the boot (yes, they were that heavy). We got onto the highway and drove straight to my sister’s house as my mom was going to be staying there. Once we’d arrived, my mom unpacked and got settled and then we waited for the rest of the family to arrive for a “welcome home” night of pizzas for my mom.

By 7pm my brother and his wife, and my uncle and his girlfriend had arrived. Gary and I had already placed the order for pizzas so once everyone was there we headed off to collect them. By 8:10pm we had eaten as much as we could and were now lazing on the couch with full tummies just chatting. And then…at 8:20pm…my sister announced to the room that her waters had just broken!

Most of us went into panic mode! My sister’s husband grabbed her hospital bags while my sister grabbed the last few things that needed to be packed. And then they were ready to leave. And then they were saying their goodbyes to my niece. And then they were gone and I was left with my niece in tears because her mommy had gone!

An hour later we got an sms to say that the little guy had entered safely into the world, followed by a piccie! Little Enzo was here and I couldn’t wait to meet him!

Friday took too long to finish up! It seemed to drag its heels because I was waiting to go visit my newest family member. But finally it was time! And I was so excited to hold him in my arms and smell his “new baby” smell and see his tiny hands and fingers…

Isn’t his little hand just too gorgeous!!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. Awww…. Congratulations Aunty Jess! 😛
    Such beautiful little fingers!

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