A trio of desserts

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If you read this post, you would know that I enjoyed these desserts on Thursday night when The Upper Palatte (TUP) met for our first “ingestion” at Cube Tasting Kitchen in Parktown North.

To my absolute excitement, there were three dessert courses!

Dessert Course One

Pistachio polenta tart with lemon custard & olive shavings.

My Thoughts
The lemon custard tasted like the perfect lemon zest found in my favourite lemon meringue tart. It was tart but sweet. And when paired with the polenta tart, I was in heaven. I know it was a “tasting menu” but I could easily have had a larger portion served.

Dessert Course Two

Pineapple & raisins flambéed in Jasmin Tea with Chantilly cream and a delectable caramel popcorn shooter.

My Thoughts
I am not the biggest fruit fan, so I was pleasantly surprised to taste the pineapple and raisins and find that the Jasmin Tea had altered their taste…in a good way. And then paired with the Chantilly cream… Mouth-gasm of note! And then… I dipped my teaspoon into the caramel popcorn shooter and my mouth-gasm happened all over again. It was like buttery caramel popcorn but in a liquid form. Wow!

Dessert Course Three

Rosemary infused hot chocolate & baked chocolate custard.

My Thoughts
I wasn’t a fan of the rosemary hot chocolate. It tasted more like a savoury gravy with a hint of chocolate, than a hot chocolate infused with rosemary. Nonetheless it was a great palate cleanser. The baked chocolate custard was like a chocolate crème brûlée. It was rich and creamy. And when paired with the last drop of the rosemary hot chocolate, the taste was enhanced to perfection.

I would love to try a multiple course menu of desserts. Maybe Cube Tasting Kitchen will do this one day… Would you join me?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Wow, these desserts sound so inventive and look divine

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