A teddy bear’s picnic baby shower

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I hosted my sister’s baby shower this past Saturday afternoon, and as you all know I’ve been planning and preparing for this for ages. But before I knew it, Saturday morning had arrived and the pre-party preparations needed to be started.

I dragged Gary with me to fetch my specially made cupcakes from Angel and then we went to Flower Spot to get some helium balloons. I am very impressed that my little Bullet had enough space to hold 30 29 helium balloons (1 popped about 5 minutes into the drive), a box of cupcakes, tablecloths and overlays borrowed from the office, and a small carry bag of prep items.

We arrived at the shower venue (my parents’ house) about 2 hours before the shower was about to start and I immediately put Gary to work moving furniture around and helping me put the tablecloths and overlays on the tables. Then it was time to decorate! I decided to make a washing line on the patio and hang all the baby clothes my sister had already received, and I made another smaller washing line to peg all the “babygro messages” on. I also brought out all our old teddy bears to use on the tables to bring in the teddy bear’s picnic theme. The colours for the day were pink, blue and white since my sister and my BIL don’t know whether they are expecting a girl or a boy.

I found this beautiful poem which I included in my hand-made card:

It won’t be long ’til we all find out
If you’re a mister or a miss,
And in the future if you’ll be
A brother or a sis.

Will you be a sweet little girl,
Or a silly little boy?
Either way we’ll swell with pride,
When with the world we share our joy.

Will you be a son or daughter?
You know it doesn’t really doesn’t matter.
We’ll love you just the same
If you’re the former or the latter.

And now time for some pics…

My childhood teddies being used as decor

The blue and pink cupcakes with teddy fondants

The table for pressies and the individually-decorated babygros for messages (thanks RubyLetters for helping to decorate these)

The decorative washing line with baby clothes my sister has already received

And now for some cute pics…

Some of the oh-so-cute shoes and socks my sister received


  1. awwww how stunning! Lucky sister! Love the cupcakes and the lion shoes hehehe….babygrow messages – how divine!

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  2. aah, this looks so cute. I love the idea of using the old teddies for decorations.

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  3. ohmigosh! those little shoesies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the help was a pleasure btw:) Good job hun….everything worked out perfectly 🙂

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  4. Love the personalized babygro idea! Actually i think you did a wonderful job! Found out my friend is pregnant today, so I will need to get in touch with you in about 6 months from now 🙂

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    • Ooooh! Excitement! You are welcome to pick my brain closer to the time! 🙂

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