A site visit to Zebula Lodge

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I woke up at sparrow’s fart on Tuesday to go to Zebula Lodge for a day’s site visit. We are co-ordinating a conference that is taking place on 3-5 March and this visit was very necessary. This client requires the following and each needs specific decor and technical requirements:
1 conference room to be used for 2 days
1 casual dinner venue – we’ll be making use of the boma
1 gala dinner venue – we’ll be using part of the golf course
6 breakaway rooms.
1 fun teambuild activity – we’re thinking Amazing Race

Although it was a serious visit, I instantly relaxed and had a hearty giggle when I spotted the following perculiar signs…

1) In the women’s bathroom – can you spot the weird object mentioned:

Uhm… Why would anyone intentionally flush their cellphone down the toilet?!

2) On the golfer’s notice/rules board:

I’m no golfer, so I’m wondering if you’re allowed to use your club to move these ‘moveable obstructions’… I think I’d just leave my ball instead of going near the obstructions.

3) And this sign I spotted while having a hot chocolate on arrival. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic as it was too high up, was in the middle of a mist spray, and the sun was right behind it…

Any persons (except players) caught collecting golf balls on Zebula Country Club will be prosecuted and have their balls removed.

I can only say: Hee hee hee hee hee

While waiting for the client to arrive, I went to visit the enclosures next to reception.

There were 2 tiger cubs:

A few lion cubs:

And the cutest little meerkats:

I must say that I’m looking forward to staying at Zebula during this conference, even though I’ll be run off my feet, coping on minimal sleep, and stressing myself silly. But I’m sure a visit to the enclosures each day will cheer me up!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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