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It’s been a busy year with a LOT going on all at once. Who was Einstein kidding when he said:

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

The Blairgowrie house was put on the market at the beginning of January and by the end of the month there had been a lot of interest but ultimately one excited couple and a signed offer to purchase. It’s taken a while for that house to get wrapped up but it finally happened at the end of May.

Once that house was on the market and the interested buyers had signed paperwork, I decided it would be a good idea to start looking at the property market in terms of what was available, whether I could afford what I wanted, which areas to look at… I quickly found out that my budget and the areas I was looking in did not quite match up so I had to extend my search a little, and toughen my skin learning not to get despondent when the perfect place didn’t smack me in the face on the first try.

I basically inquired about (almost) any and every property that was in the areas I was looking at, at or below my budget, and with my minimum requirements. I had reached the point where I’d decided to wait for the Blairgowrie house to finish up completely before looking further when it happened…

I had first been put off by this one property because it had a thatch roof (asthmatic and spiders-falling-into-my-mouth-while-I-sleep worries) and needed work to modernise it, but once I saw it I realised I had hit the jackpot! Two bedrooms, one full bathroom, loft area, dining room, lounge, and kitchen. By the end of February I had seen it twice and decided I had to make it mine. By the first week of March I’d put in an offer to purchase which was accepted. By the second week of March I had received bond approval. And by the third week of March I’d already started signing paperwork. It was transferred into my name in the first week of May.

In the space of just over two months I’d managed to get a place of my very own! And today the renovations started. But that’s for another post…

The before

During renovations
The after

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  1. Congrats on your new place! Can’t wait to hear about the renovation and to see a few pics?
    I’m a sucker for a reno project!

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