A night with Rocky & Frank

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When I first heard this phenomenal show was coming to Jozi, I knew I’d just have to go and see it. Although I had heard about the show before and the storyline, I had actually never seen the production. And when I was given the opportunity of going, I could not turn it down.

I joined Tamarin, Sheena and Jon for the opening night of this entertaining production on Friday at Montecasino. It was awesome to see some of the theatre-goers in full dress-up costumes. I opted to go with a touch of dress-up because I’m classy like that. 🙂 Tam tried her best to look like Riff-Raff, but she is too gorgeous to have done the character justice. And don’t you just love Sheena’s fabulous jacket?! I have been wondering whether she will know it’s gone missing if I were to decide to make it mine…


The show itself was fantastic! The cast were fabulous and I just loved the energy and hilarity of it. I would definitely suggest purchasing a Participation Pack which includes little props to make your show experience that much more special. In the pack I found some confetti which we threw during the wedding scene, a newspaper and glow stick which we used during the stormy scene where Janet and Brad walk to the castle, a party blower and rubber glove which we used during the laboratory scene, a streamer which was thrown during Frank and Rocky’s wedding, and a few playing cards which were thrown during one of Frank’s final songs.

If you haven’t already booked tickets to see this show, I’d suggest you do so immediately! After quite a few productions I have seen, this has become my number one favourite.


To book your tickets, head over to Computicket or to Montecasino’s page.


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