A night at The Bioscope

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On Sunday evening I arranged a date night for MrMan. It involved driving through to The Bioscope in the Maboneng Precinct for a special double feature of the 1978 Superman with Christopher Reeve and the 1989 Batman with Michael Keaton. Besides wanting to do something special with my guy, the other reason for watching these particular shows is that tonight we are attending an exclusive premier of the Batman Vs Superman movie which is being released later this week. Why not create some more anticipation for this movie than venturing back in time to the films that first launched these awesome heroes on to the big screen.


The first film was due to start at 7pm so we drove through earlier so we could share a pizza and have a few drinks at The Chalkboard Cafe before the movies. The Maboneng Precinct was still pumping when we got there around 6pm and we only just managed to get a table. I had incorrectly thought that the long weekend would mean most people would be away and the inner city would be a little quieter…

Once we’d eaten and had a drink, we walked a bit down the road so I could show MrMan a teeny tiny bit of the area. I do still want to bring him through to Arts on Main one Sunday as he’s never been…


If you aren’t aware, The Bioscope is a small independent cinema that screens various documentaries and films. I absolutely love their cinema! The seating is made from old car seats so you almost get the feel like you’re at a drive-in. The only thing I missed are the cup-holders…


As The Chalkboard Cafe is managed by the same team as The Bioscope, you are able to order food and drinks and take these into the cinema. So if you do want to go through to watch something but don’t have time to sit and eat next door, don’t stress!

Unfortunately the first movie, Superman, got stuck an hour in which meant we didn’t get to watch the entire thing and thus started the second movie earlier than planned. And thank goodness for that because the Batman movie was over 2 hours long! I battled to keep my eyes open even though I’d had a strategic nap in the afternoon. And I am pretty sure that MrMan fell asleep towards the end.

We both enjoyed ourselves immensely. Not only was it a special date night, it was also something out of the ordinary.

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