A ladybug first birthday

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My niece turned 1 on Saturday! I still can’t believe a whole year has passed already…

The highlight of her birthday party (besides the sweeties and chocolates), was making her birthday cake with my sister. We used the same design book that my mom had used for our birthday cakes growing up so it was quite a special process.

As the theme of the party was “Ladybugs”, we went with the obvious choice of making a ladybug cake:

We used a simple vanilla sponge recipe to make the cake and baked it on Friday night. We allowed the cake to cool overnight in a cake tin and iced it on Saturday morning. I used my own butter icing recipe and once it was ready, we separated it into two bowls. We added cocoa powder to the one bowl of icing for the head, and we added red food colouring to the other bowl for the wings. However, no matter how much red food colouring we added, the colour remained a dark pink. We used smarties for the eyes and the spots on the wings, and licorice for the edging, legs and antennae. And for the grass we used coconut mixed with green food colouring and runny icing so it would stick to the board.

Not only was the cake a gorgeous sight to behold (if I do say so myself), it tasted absolutely amazing!

I’m looking forward to the many birthdays ahead!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. Looks beautiful! Get colouring from a cake shop – they have extra red (like Bakery warehouse in Bryanston)

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  2. so cute!! i had a ladybug birthday cake for one of my very early birthdays too 🙂 (either 1, 2 i think )

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  3. Awesome cake! I know what you mean about the red. J was NOT impressed when the “red” icing on his cupcakes was pink.

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  4. So gorgeous a cake! You get special powder colouring that makes the red RED. Had this problem myself before 🙂

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  5. That is so cute!!
    As for the red colouring, even if you buy creme, powder or gel colouring it takes a LOT for it to go red.

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