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Yesterday the annual Hospice Charity luncheon took place at Summer Place in Hyde Park. As it was a charity function, we were contacted a few months back to ask if we would like to decorate a table or two. These tables would then be sold to corporates/socialites so they could attend the event where many great prizes were up for grabs.

The theme to this year’s event was “Deja Vu”. And after much discussion between the Boss and myself, we decided on a ballet oriented theme – Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake revisited. The below interpretation is described as ballerinas who have just finished a rendition of Swan Lake, and in changing out of their tutus, have thrown their shoes in a pile so they can rush off to the after party.

The decor showing the pile of ballet shoes in the centre of the table with a few shoes cascading down from the chandelier above:

Last week the Boss had asked me to attend the function on his behalf and market the company a bit. And to tell you the truth, as much as I was excited to go to such a wonderful event as a guest, I was worried about who I was going to bump in to. You see the company I previously worked for had also opted to decorate a table and I was worried about the repercussions of them seeing me there. But evidently I had nothing to worry about – when I saw my ex colleague we chatted for a bit before we both went our separate ways.

The luncheon was jam packed with local celebs and socialites. Top Billing was there, as well as a few other media, to interview a few of the designers about the tables and the ideas behind the decor etc.

Socialite Edith Venter with Janez of Mens Health fame and now Top Billing presenter:

I spotted these on another table and thought how wonderfully different the idea was to place flowers in a hand-made beaded shoe rather than the ordinary vase:

The event was wonderful! In addition to the gorgeously decorated tables (each of the 25 tables were unique), there were gifts sponsored by Honey Accessories for each guest, gorgeous items for the auction section of the programme, and spot prize giveaways. These spot prizes took the form of a piece of paper slipped under a baseplate or chair cushion. And YAY for me, my luck was in luck! 😉 I won a Honey Accessories gift hamper which consisted of a red handbag, bracelet and necklace. And on top of everything, on departure we were each handed an Annique giftbag which contained a lipstick, nail polish, gift vouchers etc. I felt thoroughly spoiled by the time I left yesterday! And it was great to feel like a guest when I was actually a ‘designer’.

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  1. How awesome that you were unexpectedly rewarded for your hard work 🙂

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