5 Weeks of Yoga

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My yoga journey started in January this year with a five week beginners course which finished up yesterday. I can’t believe how quickly the past five weeks have passed by! I can’t see any results with my body yet but I know that the classes have been amazing at quietening my mind and teaching me to be more in the moment.

I would never have thought that the course would culminate in us doing headstands, but that’s what we did yesterday (and started doing last week). I can proudly say that I managed to do a headstand without assistance and held it for quite a few seconds.


Besides the fact that the last time I did any handstands or headstands was when I was much younger, I also don’t have that much upper body strength so this was quite a feat because it uses all your arm muscles as well as your shoulders, legs and stomach muscles to keep the pose steady.

I’m hoping with a bit of practice I will be able to try this pose which I have named the “koeksuster” based on how her legs look. 🙂


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