30 odd and counting

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…the amount of mosquito bites I have on my body at the moment.
…the amount of bumps that itch and itch and can’t be soothed by a scratch.
…the number of times a day (at least) that I moan about these itchy bumps from hell when I rediscover them by scratching.

Not only am I moaning about the itchiness, I am moaning that I am the only one being targeted (the fiancé hasn’t had a single bite)!

So, in an effort to try and get bitten less, I googled “tips for avoiding mosquito bites”:
1. I should just stop breathing because they’re drawn to the carbon dioxide. – My carbon dioxide must be like cocaine or something to warrant the amount of bites I have.
2. I should stop using soap, shampoo, deodorant and washing detergent. – Oh hell no! I like having clean clothes and clean hair and a clean body and smelling nice.
3. I should wear light coloured clothing. – Uhm…my pajamas are white! How much lighter can I go?!
4. I should cover up as much as possible. – It’s summer. There is NO way I am wearing long pants, a long top and socks to bed. Next!
5. I should use vanilla essence and dab it on my pulse points. – Now this is doable!
6. I should plant lavender, basil or citronella plants outside my bedroom window. – Also doable except that we’re renting and our doglets will dig it up.
7. I should use insect repellents. – I don’t like smelling like Tabard and it doesn’t work for me.

So not much knowledge has been gained from my research. Damn! But perhaps it’s helped you a bit? I know one thing for sure, I’m the perfect camping/bed buddy!

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  1. Try drinking schwepps dry lemon….apparently it works as it makes your blood bitter.
    Or get a fan that blows over you bed….so the breeze doesn’t actually affect you but it’ll keep the mozzies away

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  2. At Outdoor warehouse you get a little electrical thing that you plug in that makes a supersonic noise – no poison, works like a charm.

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