3 Month review

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I had my 3 month review on Friday (I know! Can you believe I’m already into my fourth month at my new job!), and although I knew the general gist of the conversation that would take place, I was still just a teeny tiny bit nervous. Of course there was absolutely no need for the nerves because I was blown away by the million compliments that were thrown my way! I was told how I had done so many positive things in the last 3 months that it felt as if I’d been here forever. I was told how my standard of work is so high that no future employee could ever come close. I was told how I’m a pleasure to work with and how I’ve made the Boss’ life easier because I’m so organised. I was told how clients and suppliers are raving about me. And there I sat…almost speechless…the only words that could escape my mouth were “I am glad”.

And I am glad! I’m glad that someone is seeing/noticing the hard work I’m putting in. I’m glad that I can make the Boss’ life easier and in so doing allow him to stress less and give me more responsibility.

Hugs & Kisses (from an ego-stroked, deliriously happy)
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Oh wow that is awesome! But then so are you!! 🙂 WELL DONE!!!

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  2. I’m so happy for you that you’re enjoying the new job and it’s going well! I think that, considering how crappy 2009 was for so many of us, it’s high time that things turn toward the positive again.
    Also, I’m just getting going on a very exciting time myself, working on stuff that I’ve been trying to get going literally for *years*. And because I’m so excited, I want *everybody* to be doing well & feeling happy & being excited because life is just grand right now and maybe if we have enough people feeling that way, then it will become infectious and contagious and it will keep on being grand!
    Well done, you!

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  3. Oh wow, that is SO SO SO awesome. Congrats!
    It always feels good when you know you are appreciated.

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  4. Oh what wonderful recognition! I hope they don’t stop telling you how fantastic you are!!

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  5. That is so awesome! I am glad that your company and your boss appreciates what you do and let you know that they know how awesome you are. It just makes coming to work and putting in the extra effort so much easier

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  6. No surprises there, honey! When you give 350% someone is going to notice! It’s always wonderful to hear that you’re appreciated and that you have made a positive difference!
    Can’t believe it’s been 3 months!

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