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I decided to take PinkHairGirl’s advice and try the hardest meme of all – random facts about me! It has taken a few weeks to think up so many random facts, so you’d better enjoy the read! 😉 Here goes…

1) I can cross my second toe over my big toe (both feet) with no help from my hands
2) My eyes change colour depending on what colour top I am wearing
3) I can eat with chopsticks with both hands
4) I have identical birthmarks on the inside of both my thighs
5) After a lot of crying, my eyes change to a dark emerald colour
6) I have two second names
7) I have never been on a diet
8) I have no idea how to make this not a smiley face with sunglasses
9) I am the youngest of four kids
10) I am 9243 days old
11) I am asthmatic
12) I have two scars on my tummy – one on the left from a mole removal, one on the right from my emergency appendix op
13) I love baking though I don’t have any baking goodies at my house
14) My school and varsity friends all know me for my chocolate brownies
15) I take a size 7 or 8 shoe – when I was growing up my brother used to refer to my shoes as skis
16) I despise tomato
17) I make the best spaghetti bolognaise
18) I can’t drink coffee (the real stuff) unless it’s severely weak and sugared
19) I used to be a gymnast
20) I have double jointed fingers
21) I have a lot of chicken pox scars
22) I am a hoarder
23) I don’t like eating salads (though I will pick out the avo, feta, cucumber and lettuce if I have to eat it)
24) I have great cleavage
25) I am easily irritated by people who can’t spell or use grammar correctly
26) I used to write a lot of poetry
27) I have two doglets – Layla the Pug and Chelsea the Basset Hound
28) I have a mixed heritage – my parents are from Swedish, German, Scottish and British decents
29) I love milk – low-fat to be exact
30) My favourite flower is the St Joseph Lily
31) I ‘invented’ a cheater’s way to make lasagne
32) If I had been born a boy, my name would have been Shaun/Sean/Shawn (not sure how my parents would have spelt it)
33) I have already picked out the names for my children
34) My sister and I are really close, finish-each-others-sentences close
35) I love Cadbury Top Deck and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate
36) I used to volunteer at the Princess Alice Baby Sanctuary
37) I was nicknamed Gully by my family
38) I was nicknamed Giggles by my varsity friends
39) I have an ‘innie’ bellybutton
40) I am lucky enough to have an iPhone
41) I love being tickled softly
42) I am addicted to reality series on E!
43) I went to three different primary schools
44) I went to two different high schools
45) My GHD (hair straightner) is my bestest friend
46) I have a beauty spot on my big toe
47) I wear a medic-alert bracelet
48) I broke my ankle when I was in Standard 1
49) I had a swimming party for my 9th birthday and since I’d broken my ankle the week before, I spent the day watching everyone have fun without me
50) I’m a very bad liar
51) I am great at keeping secrets
52) I can touch type
53) I love reading but haven’t picked up a novel in a long time
54) I have an electric toothbrush
55) I go for a facial, pedicure, and waxing once a month
56) I was born two weeks premature
57) I weighed 2.5kg at birth (the weight of a packet of sugar)
58) I have a huge photo album that has photos from the day I was born
59) I love romance novels
60) I hate it when the bed’s not made
61) I have a shoe fund money box
62) I was born on a Monday (Monday’s child is fair of face…)
63) I got engaged on 21 November 2009
64) I taught my parents not to force-feed me when I was younger (I was forced to eat a spinach pie, so I shoved it all in my mouth, went to bed and woke up with it still in my mouth the next morning.)
65) I now eat spinach freely
66) I was taught to swim when my mom let go of me in the pool. Tried to stand, but it was too deep and so I almost drowned myself.
67) I was born at 12:01
68) I wear slightly padded bras because I don’t like the “smuggling smarties” look
69) I drive a boy car named Bullet (because I only ride boys :P)
70) I was bitten by my dog while climbing over our wall late at night (long story…)
71) I was born and bred in Johannesburg (except for a brief few years when I was in Witbank)
72) I have neat hand-writing
73) I met Gary at Billy The Bums in Fourways
74) I am still on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ cellphone system
75) I have a wealth of useless information stored in my brain
76) I have developed a stutter in my old age
77) When I was younger I was struck by lightning that passed through my metal bed
78) My hair is naturally a dark blonde
79) My mom is a Baronness
80) I’m a “glass half full” kinda person (well most of the time anyways)
81) I can plan the hell out of a piss-up in a brewery 😛
82) During my school days I was teased with “can I have chips/mac-shake/big-mac with that” because of my surname
83) I was an au-pair during my varsity days
84) I drink my fruit juice half-and-half (half juice half water)
85) I like my water from the tap with no ice nor lemon wedge
86) I cannot eat lunch or dinner without something to drink in front of me
87) I studied BA Corporate Communication with a second major in Industrial Psychology
88) I am the queen of PVR (Gary hands the remote over to me to programme, and my parents phone me to come over to sort theirs out too)
89) I love strawberry milkshakes
90) I can be very indecisive
91) I love a hot bubble bath after a stressful day
92) My grandmother once told me I had gorgeous boobs (she had a brain tumor and died a few months later)
93) I have only one living grandparent – my grandfather who turns 92 this year (he is exactly one month younger than Nelson “Madiba” Mandela)
94) I have yet to finish my grandfather’s novel about his time in the POW camps
95) I have read all the Harry Potter and Twilight books
96) I can paint my own nails French manicure style though I don’t usually since my nails have their own gorgeous natural French manicure
97) I have a very low pain threshold
98) I can’t handle spicy food
99) I was so skinny at school that my one friend’s mom nicknamed me Annie (short for Anorexic) – we weren’t friends for long!
100) I have a very fast metabolism so I’m lucky enough that I can eat like a horse
101) I was a prefect in Standard 5 and Matric
102) I am now brain-dead after thinking up so many random facts


  1. I loved this and am completely amazed that you can do a french manucure on your own toe nails!

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  2. LOL! OMW about the spinach pie 🙂 that’s just too odd!

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  3. Nice! I’m also asthmatic, I also have lots of chicken-pox scars, I also only have one living grandparent and I am also a hoarder!

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  4. I loved this and because, so far, my blog consists about 60% of blog challenges and meme’s I will be working on this one too!
    no 1: I have been a totally lazy, uninspired blogger, but is slowly changing this and writing real posts 🙂

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