10 things I learnt this weekend

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I have seen Being Brazen post this many a time and I thought I’d give it a bash…

1. I can stare at a sleeping baby for a long time. It’s like staring at a fire and not being able to take your eyes away.
2. I am an eight-hours-of-sleep kinda gal. And I will take an afternoon nap when I can.
3. I am really looking forward to starting my new job on Thursday.
4. I have been a really bad friend and need to organise catch-up sessions soon.
5. I will miss some people from my current company.
6. Some cuddling and kisses in the morning can put all my fears and jealousies at bay.
7. Coffee is not that bad as long as it’s milky and sweet.
8. My doglets are still cute even if they’re naughty.
9. I can be too bossy for my own good.
10. The best way to spend a weekend is falling in love with a new baby girl, and cuddling on the couch watching series.

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    • I don’t usually *do* coffee… I can handle the likes of Ricoffee or a very weak Nescafe, but nothing strong as it makes me bounce around like a crazy person! And I’m crazy enough as it is! 🙂

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