10 things I learnt this weekend

Posted By on May 31, 2010 | 4 comments

1. Working on a Saturday really messes up a weekend
2. I am really in need of a few more early nights to bed
3. I love eating ice-cream, especially on cold wintery nights
4. I can be quite creative in the kitchen even conjuring up delightful dishes from leftovers
5. I love pancakes with sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice, but I always forget that too much cinnamon on a pancake can bring on an asthma attack
6. Sleeping in on Sunday morning is the best time for cuddles
7. I am really in need of a holiday or an extra long weekend
8. Grocery shopping at the end of the month in the middle of the day is a nightmare
9. Winter has hit Joburg with a crisp bang
10. My internal thermostat is broken – I am extra cold when sitting next to the heater, but boiling hot under two duvets at night

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  1. So with you on number 5, except I don’t have asthma and I like mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream too…
    Also, am trying to figure out how we can squeeze a mini break into the trip hubby has planned for taking the kids to a soccer game in Nelspruit near end June. I desperately need to get away & relax a bit!

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  2. I am SO glad I dont have to work on saturdays.

    The best time for shopping is at 3h30 on a week day – its the only time I do big shops!

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  3. It is cold now 🙁 and I so wish I could sleep in on any day!

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