10 things I learnt this week

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2. These ready-made-just-heat-up meals that Gary organised for us have been a blessing.
3. Catching up with school friends is not what it used to be.
4. But having a girls night out (read “dinner”) is fun.
5. I am really blessed to be in the industry I am, especially when a lot of things for my wedding come in at a reduced rate.
6. Waking up to builders hammering at walls is not a nice way to start the day.
7. Spending days at the office with builders hammering walls causes a headache from hell.
8. Having a new favourite handbag’s strap break is heart-wrenching.
9. Having a laptop for work is amazing because it means I have my own laptop to play on in the evenings at home.
10. Realising how truly awesome my fiancé is. Who else would allow me to bitch and moan, and then agree with me!

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