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One Republic with TicketPro

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On Friday I was treated to a VIP concert experience with TicketPro. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the band I got to see was One Republic (who was preceded by Gangs of Ballet).


My VIP ticket got me a special parking area so I didn’t need to fight all the peeps in traffic for a parking space in the masses of parking. This special parking area also meant a quick getaway after the concert. The VIP area was a short walk away from the parking area and was on the mezzanine level so I didn’t need to fight the crowds once again. Score!

I was treated to some yummy snacks and an open bar. But best of all was being able to sit on comfortable chairs away from the throngs of other concert-goers with our very own set of bathrooms. (Can you tell I’m getting older?!) After experiencing a concert this way, I fear I may not be able to attend another concert the “normal” way. :)


Gangs of Ballet were absolutely amazing. They sound exactly the same live as they do on the radio. And I didn’t realise how many songs of theirs I knew! I have a problem where I sing to a lot of songs on the radio but generally tune out when the DJ says who the artist was or what the song title was.

Just before One Republic came out a big announcement was made that the band’s first DVD was going to be filmed that night so we were going to get an extra amazing concert and that we should be extra amazing with our applause, woohoo-ing, etc. Excitement!

The concert was phenomenal! I sang along to all of the songs and had an absolute ball. I couldn’t quite believe how full the venue was. It must be the first times I have seen the Dome looking so full!


That right there folks are thousands of cellphone lights. What an awesome scene from our little spot.


The finale where confetti burst from the ceiling.


A big thanks to TicketPro for this amazing experience and allowing me to see such an awesome concert.

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A place to call my own

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It’s been a busy year with a LOT going on all at once. Who was Einstein kidding when he said:

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

The Blairgowrie house was put on the market at the beginning of January and by the end of the month there had been a lot of interest but ultimately one excited couple and a signed offer to purchase. It’s taken a while for that house to get wrapped up but it finally happened at the end of May.

Once that house was on the market and the interested buyers had signed paperwork, I decided it would be a good idea to start looking at the property market in terms of what was available, whether I could afford what I wanted, which areas to look at… I quickly found out that my budget and the areas I was looking in did not quite match up so I had to extend my search a little, and toughen my skin learning not to get despondent when the perfect place didn’t smack me in the face on the first try.

I basically inquired about (almost) any and every property that was in the areas I was looking at, at or below my budget, and with my minimum requirements. I had reached the point where I’d decided to wait for the Blairgowrie house to finish up completely before looking further when it happened…

I had first been put off by this one property because it had a thatch roof (asthmatic and spiders-falling-into-my-mouth-while-I-sleep worries) and needed work to modernise it, but once I saw it I realised I had hit the jackpot! Two bedrooms, one full bathroom, loft area, dining room, lounge, and kitchen. By the end of February I had seen it twice and decided I had to make it mine. By the first week of March I’d put in an offer to purchase which was accepted. By the second week of March I had received bond approval. And by the third week of March I’d already started signing paperwork. It was transferred into my name in the first week of May.

In the space of just over two months I’d managed to get a place of my very own! And today the renovations started. But that’s for another post…

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Movie Review: The Rewrite

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The Rewrite

Last Wednesday I was invited to a special screening of The Rewrite at the Ster Kinekor Head Office in Sandton. I wasn’t too sure what the movie was about when I RSVP’d, but since it starred Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei I just knew it was going to be a goodie.

The Rewrite is a romantic comedy (my favourite type of movie) and is about a “one hit wonder” screenwriter who has no choice but to take a job opportunity teaching a screenwriting course at a university so he can pay the bills. He starts an illicit affair with a student, selects his course participants based on looks and not their sample scripts, and starts an argument with one of the faculty members. And that’s just the beginning! But by the end you learn to love him and he finds romance and happiness. It’s just the type of movie I’d buy on DVD and watch over and over again.

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Movie Review: Oculus

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Oculus was brought out in 2013 at a film festival and was released to the public cinemas in early 2014. This is a psychological horror film about a brother and sister. After a series of supernatural events, the brother is convicted of murder and taken away. Years later his sister tries to exonerate her brother by proving that an antique mirror is responsible for this “crime”.

As much as I end up watching scary movies with my hands covering most of my eyes, I really love them! As this movie progressed I thought how predictable it all was until towards the end when I was left open-mouthed. Definitely a movie to watch with a loved one…so they can “protect” you and you can grip their arms until they turn blue.

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Heard about #MysteryTicket?

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Some awesome peeps from TicketPro, the newest tech savvy ticketing innovator, got in touch with me to tell me about their #MysteryTicket Competition.

This competition is awesome! It is so awesome that I have already entered and am considering bribing my family members to enter and then hand over their prizes to me if they win. Sneaky sneaky.

With this once-in-a-lifetime #MysteryTicket Competition, you stand a chance to win one of two season tickets to events at South Africa’s premium multipurpose venue, as well as other daily prizes of your choice. The competition is running through TicketPro’s Facebook page with daily prizes including:

– Branded TicketPro selfie-stick (worth R350.00)
– Branded and signed TicketPro +Proteas T20 jersey
– Airtime voucher (worth R300.00)
– Double Golden Circle tickets to see Chris Brown live at the Northgate Dome on 2 April 2015 valued at R1,500.00 each. (Note: should Chris Brown’s tour be cancelled for any specific reason, the winner can choose any other concert happening at the Dome in the year of 2015.)

The competition runs until 25 March 2015 (next Wednesday). Enter through the #MysteryTicket app found on Ticketpro’s Facebook page.


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Instagram Friday

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Instagram Friday

1) Sunset from the pits at Kyalami Race Track
2) See the happiness in small things
3) Not the weirdest thing I’ve seen at an event
4) The sunset from my venue in Kramerville
5) Double hugs for Aunty Jess during the December holidays
6) Moody skies in Hermanus

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a most wanted man

This film is based on the thriller/espionage novel by John le Carré where a young Chechen, ex-prisoner arrives illegally in Hamburg, Germany with a claim to a fortune held in a private bank. It follows the theme of international war on terror and money laundering, including the difficulty in trying to overcome these elements while dealing with bureaucracy.

I really enjoyed how real this film was… You felt like you were with the team planning and plotting. I loved that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel McAdams kept their German accents throughout the movie. But just like with our reality sometimes, I was left a little disappointed at the end with the anticlimax of the film after all the intricacies and planning. Overall though, an exceptional movie that I’ll definitely be watching again.

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I lost my new car yesterday…

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But then I found it! Let’s start the story at the beginning though…

After a week or so of looking at cars I decided on one in particular and started the process of finance applications, insurance quotes, and all that other important stuff. After a few minor hiccups, I went to fetch this beaut yesterday. Introducing Duke… My new wheels. My new ride. My new chariot.


I picked him up yesterday afternoon during a mad day of back-to-back meetings every half hour and a surging inbox with quote requests and admin galore. I had had him for only a couple hours when I excitedly drove to Montecasino for the Fifty Shades of Grey premier. I must have been super excited about both my new car and the movie that I didn’t register what level I had parked on. I am a hyper-aware person so I always note the level, whereabouts my car is parked, which cars are nearby, which is the nearest entrance etc. (I am that aware that I notice the nametags of staff helping me at my local shop or petrol station.)

So we finish up the movie a good few hours later and head off to a bar within the Montecasino casino area for a drink before we hug and kiss goodbye and make our way to our cars. And that’s where the panic fun panic started.

I knew where I had entered the parkade. And I could have sworn I parked on the second level. So I walked out on that level and couldn’t spot my new blue car. Then I went to an upper level thinking that was surely where my car was. As the elevator doors opened I peeked outside quickly and couldn’t spot my blue Duke. PANIC. STATIONS. What if my car had been stolen? Could I really have got drunk off a couple small drinks? Could I really be that girl that loses her car in a parkade? I bet the security and cleaning guys thought I was mad riding up and down the elevator.

I went to one level. Then I went to another. Then another. At some point I ended up on a floor I’d never seen before. I also lost track of which set of elevators I was using that I panicked myself further with looking out at every level and not seeing anything familiar. (Please note that the panicked idiot I was didn’t find the view familiar because I was looking at the wall behind which is the main thoroughfare between parking levels which is not where I parked at all.)

I was just about to make that call, and be that girl, and go to parkade management and ask for their assistance when I decided to ask one of the security guys for help. I explained where I entered the parkade and that I went one level up. And by that explanation the security guard told me to go level four. I speed walked to the elevator which I had initially used and jabbed the number 4 button and promised a lifetime of things for me to walk out the elevator and see my new car waiting just where I parked it.

And wouldn’t you know it… There it was. I said a few thank you’s and climbed in.

Dear Duke, I promise not to lose you again. xoxo

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